August 27, 2015

Category: Budgeting

Back to School Shopping Tips

Back to School Shopping Tips
The start of a new school year often means additional expenses. Here are some tips for spending less on school supplies.

  • Wait until school starts. Purchase a few essentials for the first day of school, but wait a few days to get the rest of your supplies. By waiting to see what you really need for your classes, you can avoid wasting money on unused items and take advantage of deeper discounts.
  • Shop at a discount store first. Stores such as the Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Store are the best places to start your school supply shopping.
  • Shop for the remaining items at a store that offers price matching. Scour the ads for sales on the rest of the items that you are lacking and purchase them at a store that price matches. This will help you avoid driving all over town.